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hand knitted in various colours and patterns, lined with soft fleece fabric
different styles with various colours shape and size to suit all sorts of dog size
made from top notch fabrics like leather, high grade cotton and water waterproof materials lined with soft fur or fleece
Care bear
28" x 24" by 5" deep bed with a removable cushion cover made from heavy cotton in a pale blue and pink spots patch work squares decorated with embroidery care bears. The sides and base are finished in a pale pink/white soft fleece fabric with a butterflt design
£ 10.00
orange/green rainproof
28in in length, made in a burnt orange/green satin feel shower proof fabric for main body finished with a burnt orange thick fleece lining with matching collar and green straps
(1 of 2 pic)
£ 15.00
yellow snail
14in in length, and a generous width for the more rounded dog pale yellow and pink glitter stockette pattern body, lined in grey /pink/white star fleece with a yellow and petty pink snail motif
(1 of 2 pics)
£ 7.00
All Things Dogs
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